Kolkata Dock System ( KDS ) is situated at latitude 22º 32′ 53″ North and longitude 88º 18′ 15″ East in the State of West Bengal.KDS is situated on the left bank of the Hooguly River, 145 k.m. abovethe entrance to the river from the estuary off Sagar Island inthe Bay of Bengal.

Facilities at KDS can be grouped into three ( 03 ) segments :
K.P. Docks : 18 Berths + 6 Buoy Mooring + 3 Dry Docks
N.S. Docks : 12 Berths + 2 Buoy Mooring + 2 Dry Docks
Budge Budge River : Consisting of 6 Petroleum wharves


Haldia Dock Complex ( HDC ) is situated 130 k.m. from Pilotage situation at Sandheads at latitude 22º 02′ North and longitude 88º 06′ East in the State of West Bengal.

HDC contains 12 berths of which nine ( 09 ) berths are located inside the impounded dock. Three ( 03 ) Oil Jetties are located on the river.


Paradip Port is situated at latitude 22º 15′ 55.44″ North and longitude 86º 40′ 34.62″ East in the state of Orissa.

The Port of Paradip has an artificial lagoon type Harbour protected by two ( 02 ) rubble mould “Break Waters” and approached by dredged channels. There are 12 berths to handle cargo originated from natural resources and industrial products.


Visakhapatnam ( Vizag ) Port situated at latitude 17º 41′ North and longitude 83º 18′ East in the North-East in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

A natural Harbour of Eastern Coast comprises of 15 berths in the inner Harbour and 7 berths in the outer Harbour.


The Port is situated at latitude 16º 58.37′ North and longitude of 82º 17.06′ East. This is a naturally protected Port because of protection from 17 k.m. length of Hope Island. It consist of three ( 03 ) berths each 12 M dredged draft.


Chennai Port situated at latitude 13º 06′ North and longitude 80º 18′ East. It is an artificial Harbour situated on the Coromondal Coast in South-East India.

Chennai Port has 21 alongside berths in the Docks viz., Dr. Ambedkar Dock, Jawahar Dock, Bharathi Dock and Container Terminal.


Tuticorin Port situated at latitude 08º 45′ North and longitude 78º 13′ East on the East Coast of India but Navigationally on the West. It has two ( 02 ) operational wings Zone ‘A’ comprising of the new Major Port and Zone ‘B’ representing the Old Anchorage or Minor Port.

The Port comprises of Eight ( 08 ) Berths, 2 Shallow Berths and 2 Coal Jetties.


New Mangalore Port situated at latitude 12º 55.5′ North, Longitude 74º 48.5′ East about 170 nautical mile south of Marmugao and about 191 nautical miles North of Cochin Port.

There are 13 berths and 1 virtual jetty in the Port.

The Port is well equipped to handle bulk, liquid chemicals, hazardous cargoes, crude and POL products, heavy lifts, machinery, containers.

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